I live in Dallas, Texas and I am an expert at boudoir photography and also at showing women just how amazing they really are. My obsession is making sure each woman I photograph has the absolute best experience at her boudoir photo shoot and that she leaves my studio with gorgeous photos of herself that remind her how kick-ass she is.

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Vintage Boudoir Charm | Pinup Dallas Boudoir Photography


She came into the room lithe as a wood nymph dancing around a moonlit pond on a summer’s eve – that’s how I would describe my pinup boudoir photography session with our muse who happens to be a dancer!

I wasn’t really sure if I was or if she was more excited for our pinup boudoir photography session, after all, she did book a full year in advance for her session with me. What I noticed was, she did seem very shy and have a girlish aura to her. Could it be true that dancers are forever young because of all the endorphins coursing through their veins? I knew she’d be perfect for pinup boudoir concept and she heartily agreed!

Pinup BoudoirPhotography Session

dallas pinup boudoir photography

From what I know about her, she is a dancer on a cruise ship (explains why she have to book a year in advance!). Yes, that romance-filled vessel that’s long filled many fantasies about moonlit nights, and meeting ‘the one’. I knew from our emails that she’s really looking forward to having her photos taken. I have only met a few special clients with the same zest for life and enthusiasm as her and I wanted to capture it all!

dallas pinup boudoir photography

There’s just one hitch, though, she told me that she never really felt beautiful nor sexy her whole life. Say what? An alluring beautiful woman who happens to be a professionally trained dancer (from Julliard, no less!) with no inkling whatsoever that she’s breathtakingly beautiful? So yes, women like her still exist!

dallas pinup boudoir photography

If you stalked my Instagram, then you may have already seen her before and after photos. Isn’t she angelic in the sexiest sort of way?

dallas pinup boudoir photography courtney engle 03

Her old world charm really breaks through in this basic pinup makeup. Her freckles bring out more of her vibrant and bubbling sexuality in the most flattering way possible, so I hope none of you ever feel insecure of your freckles, ladies!
dallas pinup boudoir photography courtney engle 04She truly loved her pinup boudoir photography session and raved about how she can’t believe the ‘other’ women in the photos are her!
dallas pinup boudoir photography courtney engle 05Most women have no idea how the right angle and light can transform them into goddesses. Would you believe she truly did not think she’s beautiful nor sexy? I only see a sultry vixen in front of my lens!
dallas pinup boudoir photography courtney engle 07

Want your very own pinup boudoir photography session? Then give me a nudge! I promise not to bite, and yes, you can definitely book a year (or more!) in advance too!


Courtney Engle Photography specializes in sexy, intimate, beautiful, empowering boudoir photography.  You are amazing and I want to show you through my boudoir photo shoot experience.  The studio is located in downtown McKinney, Texas but I photograph woman all over Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth, Southlake, Grapevine, and the surrounding DFW metroplex.