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Sexy Engagement Photoshoot


They say the hottest and most amorous time of a couple’s relationship is the time between right before they get engaged to each other up to the first few weeks of marriage, what better way to commemorate that relationship milestone than by sealing it with a sexy engagement photoshoot?

Boudoir photography need not only feature the female body’s sexy curves. In fact, it gets even more steamy when the beautiful female form is photographed in contrast to another…so just imagine how fiery and intense your boudoir shoot will be if done with your partner? Should we have the fire department on stand-by?

Below are some fun trivia about sexy engagement photography and why you and your partner should consider going for it!

sexy engagement photoshoot

Couples boudoir is a real thing. It is also as empowering to men as it is for women.

Just like you, your partner in life has a need to feel sexy, attractive, and wanted. Going for a sexy engagement photoshoot or a couple’s boudoir session will surely do that plus give both you of you lots of fun memories that will help further deepen your connection.

sexy engagement photoshoot

Boudoir shoots can also have a theme, making going for a sexy engagement photoshoot quite an adventure both you and your partner will not soon forget!

sexy engagement photoshoot

Do you know that couples who have intimate photos of themselves together tend to view their relationship as stronger?

sexy engagement photoshoot

It does help to be able to gaze at your beloved totally digging you, and vice versa.

sexy engagement photoshoot

A sexy engagement photoshoot will also allow you to capture on film the passion that you and your partner share together, though these photos may not be ones you’d want to show the future grandchildren!

sexy engagement photoshoot 1

let your boudoir photos tell your love story.

sexy engagement photoshoot

Need we say more?

sexy engagement photoshoot

Whew! Aren’t these photos on fire? Special thanks to Miss V for allowing us to use her beautiful photos!

Sexy Engagement Photoshoot

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Courtney Engle Photography specializes in sexy, intimate, beautiful, empowering boudoir photography.  You are amazing and I want to show you through my boudoir photo shoot experience.  The studio is located in downtown McKinney, Texas but I photograph woman all over Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth, Southlake, Grapevine, and the surrounding DFW metroplex.