I live in Dallas, Texas and I am an expert at boudoir photography and also at showing women just how amazing they really are. My obsession is making sure each woman I photograph has the absolute best experience at her boudoir photo shoot and that she leaves my studio with gorgeous photos of herself that remind her how kick-ass she is.

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Sexy Dallas Boudoir Photography


What comes to mind when you hear the words, “sexy boudoir photography?” Perhaps you’re thinking revealing lingerie showcasing a perfect body, thick luscious lashes framing sultry eyes, and voluminous Victoria’s Secret-model-hair cascading down to an angelic-looking face. Most women won’t think of picturing themselves whenever they try to conjure an image of ‘sexy boudoir photography’ but what most women don’t know is that for the men in their lives,

In my experience as a boudoir photographer, most women won’t dare think of picturing themselves whenever they try to conjure an image of ‘sexy boudoir photography’; but what most women don’t know is that for the men in their lives, just seeing them ‘strut their stuff’ with confidence is the exact definition of sexy!

Our ravishing model in the photos below was a bit shy when it comes to getting her photos taken; but as you can see, she wasn’t shy anymore when she finally tapped into her inner lioness!

sexy boudoir photography 02

A sexy boudoir photography session is very much like a journey in self-discovery. As we take more photos, you’ll feel a new sense of awareness growing in you. As I show you shots that we’ve taken, you learn which angles flatters you the most and begin to see how beautiful you truly are!
sexy boudoir photography 03

We’ll take photos of you from several angles and choose which ones flatter you the most.

sexy boudoir photography 04

As you get more and more confident in our sexy boudoir photography session, you’re free to suggest poses that you like. After all, it is you who knows your best angles and most photogenic poses!

sexy boudoir photography 05

We can take face shots that show a hint of your curves in the frame, or showcase your silhouette while slightly hiding your face for a more mysterious look.

sexy boudoir photography 06

Curves and angles are sexy, right?

sexy boudoir photography 07

We can also especially focus on your most beloved assets…your sexy boudoir photography session is really yours to steer! I’m your photographer and I do love an outspoken client who knows what she wants because then I can focus on my artistry while you focus on being you!

sexy boudoir photography 08

Some clients sometimes ask me, “how is it that I am able to get them to look so smoldering/hot?”

My answer? I always take my cue from my clients. You see, a sexy boudoir photography session won’t be sexy without the subject. I am the artist and you are the muse. My job is just to capture what I see and show the world that side of you!
sexy boudoir photography 09

2016 is the Year for Your Sexy Boudoir Photography Session!

Interested in having your very own sexy boudoir photography session? Contact Courtney Engle Photography! Whether you’re from Dallas, Fort Worth, or just around the DFW area, our studio is ready for you!

Not from Texas? Then check out my travel boudoir photography schedule and I’m sure we can work something out. Let 2016 be the year of bringing sexy back!


Courtney Engle Photography specializes in sexy, intimate, beautiful, empowering boudoir photography.  You are amazing and I want to show you through my boudoir photo shoot experience.  The studio is located in downtown McKinney, Texas but I photograph woman all over Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth, Southlake, Grapevine, and the surrounding DFW metroplex.