I live in Dallas, Texas and I am an expert at boudoir photography and also at showing women just how amazing they really are. My obsession is making sure each woman I photograph has the absolute best experience at her boudoir photo shoot and that she leaves my studio with gorgeous photos of herself that remind her how kick-ass she is.

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The Boudoir Photography Client Who Showed Me What a Judgmental Jerk I Really Am


I met Ms. B through a mutual friend a few years ago.  Her children are a little older than my boys, so we overlapped a little at the elementary school.  And I have a confession to make…every time I would see Ms. B at school outings or PTA meetings I would try to avoid her.  I know! I’m the worst!  WHY would I do that??  Because I’m a terrible person who makes snap decisions about people without knowing them AT ALL.

As you can see, Ms. B has an AMAZING body, like really freaking amazing.  Plus she’s gorgeous.  So I assumed, with only having been introduced to her once and never having actually spoken to her, that she was going to be stuck up and snobby and I just couldn’t deal with that.

But wow….y’all, Ms. B is literally the exact opposite of all the things I conjured up in my mind about her! I feel like a total tool for ever having thought one negative thing about her.  She is kind and soft spoken and funny and interesting as well as interested in others, she adores her children and her husband, and she’s truly one of the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever met.  I now count her amongst my most favorite people.

So when Ms. B contacted me wanting to do a boudoir session I was so freaking excited, because I just KNEW she was going to kill it.  Her body is obviously amazing, but I also just knew that she was going to have fun with the boudoir session and really enjoy herself.  That is what I love the most when I photograph women…when they have FUN!

So we did her boudoir session, and it was a blast, and then we got some incredible images, and I called the whole thing a success.  Ms. B ordered a beautiful album to display her images, and it turned out perfectly.

THEN a few weeks after her session Ms. B sent me the sweetest thank you card and included a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants….it was the icing on an already perfectly delicious cake.

To summarize, I was a total jerk and assumed the absolute worst about someone based solely on their looks (I know, I’m SUCH an asshole, and I totally admit it), that person turns out to be so incredibly lovely and THEN that person goes above and beyond to thank me for photographing her and giving her a great experience during her boudoir session.

Ms. B, thank you for being you and for unknowingly showing me one of my greatest flaws and for helping me to be a better person who will from now on assume the BEST about absolutely everyone. Thank you, thank you.


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Courtney Engle Photography specializes in sexy, intimate, beautiful, empowering boudoir photography.  You are amazing and I want to show you through my boudoir photo shoot experience.  The studio is located in downtown McKinney, Texas but I photograph woman all over Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth, Southlake, Grapevine, and the surrounding DFW metroplex.