I live in Dallas, Texas and I am an expert at boudoir photography and also at showing women just how amazing they really are. My obsession is making sure each woman I photograph has the absolute best experience at her boudoir photo shoot and that she leaves my studio with gorgeous photos of herself that remind her how kick-ass she is.

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How to Relax and Have Fun During Your Boudoir Session


Ahhhh, Ms. C….one of my favorite sessions.  You know how when you meet someone new and you immediately “click” with them?  That was how I felt when I met Ms. C for her Dallas boudoir photography session.

She walked into the Dallas boudoir studio and I immediately knew that we were going to have an amazing shoot.  She has such great energy, and upon first meeting her she went right into making jokes and being funny…I loved her!

As she sat in hair and makeup before her boudoir shoot we chatted about her husband and family (she has a son who is similar in age to my boys), her job and the side hustles she has (I love me a multi-passionate woman!).  We laughed and joked and when she was all dolled up and ready for her session, she didn’t seem one bit nervous.  I like to think my charming conversation skills put her at ease…ha!

Ms. C got changed into her first outfit, and I brought my camera up, took one shot and just about died because I knew I was going to get SO many beautiful shots. And I was right.

Ms. C thoroughly rocked her boudoir session, and when it came time to decide which photos she wanted to order she had such a difficult time deciding, which THRILLED me!  When clients love every single one of their images and can’t part with any of them, then I know that I did my job and gave them an experience they will never forget.


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Courtney Engle Photography specializes in sexy, intimate, beautiful, empowering boudoir photography.  You are amazing and I want to show you through my boudoir photo shoot experience.  The studio is located in downtown McKinney, Texas but I photograph woman all over Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth, Southlake, Grapevine, and the surrounding DFW metroplex.