Q: How much do I need to pay when I book my session? 
A: The boudoir session price is $2,200 (plus tax), but in order to reserve your session you only need to pay a $500 (plus tax) non-refundable retainer fee (which gets deducted from your the session price). The remainder of the session price is split up with the final payment due the day of your session. Shoot me an email and I can get you all the information!

Q: Are you located in Dallas or Austin?
A: I am based in Dallas, but I have studios in both Dallas and Austin. I book shoots in Dallas on a continuous basis, but shoots in Austin are only booked once a quarter. So if you are wanting a shoot in Austin make sure to contact me as soon as you can to get on my Austin calendar!

Q: A lot of the women on your website look like models, and I don’t look modelesque......can I do this??
A: The women you see on my website are my clients, and although they’re pretty freaking awesome human beings, they are not models. One of the things that may have led you to believe they were models is that they all look super comfortable in their skin, confident, and like they’re always in front of the camera. This is because, in addition to beautiful light and expert posing, I guide my clients through every single pose. You will be coached, posed, encouraged, and celebrated every step of the way! Zero modeling experience or knowledge whatsoever is needed to rock out a Courtney Engle Photography photo shoot!

Q: How far in advance should I book my session?
A: I recommend that you book at least six weeks out from when you will need your finished products/images. This gives us time to book your photo reveal appointment where you will select the products/images you would like to purchase, plus plenty of time to have your products printed, prepared, and shipped from my lab.

Q: What does the boudoir photo shoot include? 
A: The boudoir photography package includes the photo shoot with me, professional makeup application, retouching of your images, an in-person photo reveal appointment, and a standard leather photo album with 20 images of your choice and web resolution digital files of the 20 images selected for your album on a crystal USB drive At your photo reveal appointment you can purchase items such as an upgraded album, additional album images, wall art, photo prints, and/or digital files. Clients are almost always shocked by how many photos they cannot live without from their session! They think they are going to be the one client that just doesn't get any good photos...and I’m always thrilled when I prove them wrong! 

Q: When and how will I select my images from my shoot?
A: This will be done at your photo reveal appointment a few weeks after your photo session. We will meet in-person at the studio. **COVID UPDATE — We can also meet virtually via Zoom or Skype if this works better for you. I absolutely love meeting with clients to show them their gorgeous images! I will help you decide between images, showing similar images side by side for easy selection, plus I can assist you with getting great variety for albums and the perfect wall art pieces. I will be getting LOTS of amazing images of you, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the photos on your own. I am here to help you! Plus, the photo reveal is my favorite part of the whole process! 

Q: Where will my photo session take place? Do you have a studio?
A: Your boudoir session will take place at either my Dallas studio or my Austin studio, whichever location you select upon booking.

Q: Are your hair and makeup artists experienced? Can I choose to do my own hair and makeup?
A: My artists maintain an extensive hair and makeup kit to accommodate all skin types and shades, plus they are experienced with African, Asian, and Caucasian hair profiles. If you have skin sensitivities or conditions, or if your hair takes longer than average to style, please shoot me an email ahead of time so that my hair and makeup artist can have the proper tools on hand and also block out the appropriate amount of time.

You can also definitely do your own hair and makeup! If you decide that you want to do this simply let me know at the time of booking and I will adjust your package and give you a few photography-specific tips to consider when getting prepared for your session.

Q: What should I wear? I have no idea!
A: This is probably the most popular question I get, and the answer is simple…whatever you feel beautiful in! Some ideas: a bodysuit, an oversized sweater, cropped sweatshirt and high waist panties, a robe, sleep shirt, plus of course that lingerie piece that makes you feel freaking awesome! Also, many clients choose to do a nude set during their session. In a 1.5 hour photo session, you will typically have time for up to 3 “looks” or outfits (yes, "nude" counts as an outfit). Once you've completed the booking process with me, you will also receive a detailed shoot guide that will help you with getting ready for your shoot, including wardrobe ideas.
Q: Can I have someone with me at my session?
A: Sometimes your best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves and give you the reassurance you need to get started with your session! I don’t mind at all if there is one friend with you! I DO ask that the friend not interfere with the shoot (running in to “touch you up” in between every shot, directing your posing, etc) as I will handle anything along those lines that needs done. Also, it is a requirement of mine that boyfriends/husbands/spouses NOT be in the room while we are shooting. 

Want to do one better than having a friend there for moral support??? Why don't you book your shoots back to back so you can both enjoy the experience together?! Availability pending, of course. **COVID UPDATE— For safety and to limit the number of people in the studio, I am requesting that our clients do not bring anyone with them to their shoot at this time.
Q: On which days of the week can I have my photo session?
A: Shoots are at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, and at the Dallas studio I shoot on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. At the Austin studio I only take shoots once a quarter, so please email me to find out my current Austin shoot schedule. 
Q: What should I do to prepare?
A: All of these questions are answered in COMPLETE detail for you in the Courtney Engle Photography Prep Guide which is emailed to you shortly after booking your session. This will cover exactly how you should prepare your face, body, and mind for your photo shoot, as well as a complete list of resources for beauty appointments and wardrobe for your photo shoot! I try to cover all questions that get asked, but if there is something I miss you can always email me!

Q: I am a school teacher/pastor's wife/high profile actress and if these photos were leaked it would destroy my this secret safe with you???
A: First, I think that anyone seeing your Courtney Engle Photography photos would result in nothing other than "Dang girl, you look AMAZING!!". However, I can TOTALLY understand if you don't want your images shared with the public! You can rest absolutely assured that your images will NEVER be shared without your permission. As soon as your session is complete, I retouch your images in-house. I do NOT send your images off to an outsourced editing company leaving them vulnerable to being stolen. Then you will see them directly during your in-person photo reveal appointment.
In the event that you love your images and want to show them off and DO allow me to use them on my blog and website, your real name will not be used, and I will NEVER tag you on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. If you would like to keep your photos private, your secret is safe with me! 

I am also more than happy to sign NDA's should you need one from me because of your profession or public visibility. 

Q: Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio/social media?
A: I, of course, would LOVE to use images from your session to show other women your amazing photos, and more importantly, share your testimony! HOWEVER, I also completely understand if you prefer to keep them private. That said, I will not share unless you grant permission. The bottom line is: I will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. Most clients are so proud of their images that they give me full discretion to choose images for my portfolio and social media, while some clients prefer that only their faceless images be put in my gallery or to choose the images that are posted, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (after they gift the images). Just let me know where you stand on the topic and I will honor your wishes!

If you have ANY other questions that I did not address here,
please email

If you have ANY other questions that I did not address here, please email


To book your boudoir session, complete my short contact form or just shoot me an email at